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Brian Nieves:  A Man of Action with a Proven Record!

 Brian Nieves was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in November 2002. Soon thereafter, Nieves was elevated to a leadership position as a member of the majority whip team.  He was one of the only freshmen representatives ever selected as Majority Whip, but recognizing his hard work and tireless energy, Brian’s colleagues have re-elected him each year to serve as their Majority Whip. He has now served almost eight years in that capacity and has the longest tenure of any current member of House Leadership.

 Now, as a senior member of House Leadership, Representative Nieves is an ex-officio member of all House committees and routinely serves as Presiding Officer of the House during debate.  Brian also holds a full-time seat on the House Immigration Reform Committee and Fiscal Oversight and Review Committee.  Representative Nieves feels that after the protection of innocent life, few things are of more importance to us than the preservation of our language, borders and American culture. Brian knows asserting our State sovereignty is a key element in restoring our liberties and pushing back an out of control Federal Government. 

 He has consistently voted to defend our constitution as a Representative and is striving to continue the fight in the Missouri State Senate.  He wrote and sponsored the “English Only” law in MO, and has fought to make immigration laws in MO the toughest in the Union.  He strongly supports Prop C which restricts how far the Federal Government can reach into Missourians’ pockets regarding health care.  He is passionately Pro-Life, he defends the right to bear arms, and he worked to pass the Protection of Marriage Act.

 Prior to serving in the Missouri Legislature, Representative Nieves served ten years on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman where he received many Leadership Awards as well as numerous medals and commendations.  While on active duty Brian started a small business – Nieves Enterprises International.  The discipline he obtained while serving in the military, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit he grew up with, proved to be instrumental as his business has been very successful.

 Please vote on November 2nd to send Brian Nieves to the Missouri Senate where he can continue to fight for our Rights, Sovereignty, Tax Cuts, and our Constitution.   

Vote for Brian Nieves for Missouri State Senate!

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